About Us

Corio, pioneering in custom footwear, is a renowned men’s fashion house in Pakistan. We have an extensive variety of shoes, belts, wallets and jackets. Each product is intricately produced using the best quality imported leather.

Our customization allows each pair of shoes to be created according to the individual’s unique style; so, you too can be initiated into the art of shoemaking. We offer a range of customisable elements; varying from leather, colour, style, size and shape of the shoes. Our exceptional team will turn your creativity into reality and deliver it to your waiting feet within 2 weeks.

Our craftsmen have more than 10 years of experience in shoemaking therefore we take great pride in our ability to be creative, while at the same time offering customers great value. We provide more colours, sizes, and styles than anyone in this industry. This is what makes us unique and makes our products distinguishable.